Gap in knowledge and uptake of Power of Attorney

Protecting individuals and facilitating smoother decision-making processes

Recent data highlights a concerning gap in knowledge and the uptake of Power of Attorney in the UK[1]. While 95% of adults know of its existence, only one in three truly understand how it is utilised in practice.

Retirement challenges faced by women

Nearly half of women aged 50-65 plan to continue working in some capacity after reaching the State Pension age

Years of gender-based earnings disparity have resulted in a significant pension savings gap between men and women, leaving many women in their 50s and 60s financially precarious. According to analysis, women are more than twice as likely to rely on financial support from their partner[1].

Millions may have to rethink their retirement plans

More than one in ten have mortgage debt in the final decade before they retire

Two-thirds (67%) of Britons admit to having debt that is weighing them down, according to a recent study[1]. Additionally, nearly one in ten (9%) adults in the UK are unsure about the amount they owe in outstanding debts, rising to more than one in six (16%) among those aged 45 and over.

How much will I need to live on in retirement?

Planning for your life after work to ensure a financially secure future

Retirement planning is an important step to ensure a financially secure future. When calculating how much you’ll need to live on in retirement, there are various factors to consider. Everyone’s circumstances are different.

Professional financial advice, where’s the value?

Making more informed decisions about money leads to better financial health in the long run

We readily trust medical professionals with our health and legal professionals with complex legal matters. Yet, some people hesitate when seeking advice on financial matters. This might be attributed to a few different factors.

How to find or trace a lost pension

Total value of lost pension pots £26.6 billion in 2022

Tracking down a lost pension pot can be daunting, especially if you’ve switched jobs multiple times throughout your career. The good news is that resources and strategies are available to help simplify the process.

Pension drawdown

Greater flexibility in accessing your pension funds

Pension drawdown is a flexible way of taking income from your pension, introduced after the pension freedom rules in April 2015. Before that, the government limited how much income you could take from your pension unless you had other sources of income, and annuities were commonly used to provide a guaranteed income for life.

Charting your investment trajectory

Understanding your present financial standing and visualising your aspirations

When it comes to charting your investment trajectory, a well-drawn roadmap can be an invaluable guide. By understanding your present financial standing and visualising your aspirations, you can devise a solid strategy to steer you towards your financial objectives.

Goals-based saving and investing strategy

Staying focused and disciplined, even when markets are volatile

It’s crucial to remember that saving and investing is not just about making money. It’s about making your money work for you to help you achieve your financial goals. Therefore, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what those goals are before you start investing.